Evolver Monthly Membership

The Academy of Creative Evolution is a membership site wherein holds the teachings and practical sessions for Conscious Evolution, or what I call The Evolver Mentor Group.                                                                                       

Each Month we enter into ways of knowing, meaning learning deeply to embody the experience. This is not a place for entertainment, it is a place to practice the processes taught and gain your own personal information to use as your evidence that assists your mind to transform conditioned imprints and untruths.

Gathering direct experiences that bring answers too many questions seekers generally have.

A place to open your sensory system in a way you understand and can translate the information you get. It is literally like learning new languages, yet it is your body, your energy, and soul aspects that you are learning to communicate with.

We journey Intuition experientially, connection to your centre, your inner core, and what is preventing your connection and how to address and move into that which you desire.

What’s the point of connecting to your intuition? Many many great points! One being that illness is in your energy field long before it hits as a symptom of the physical body. When we can tune into our whole body system we have the opportunity to prevent the manifestation of the imbalance. We have the opportunity to course correct.

What I have found over the many decades working with people on all levels (mind, body, spirit) is we are not listening to ourselves and those few that are listening can not understand the language and/ or ignore the whispers that are warning you to make a shift.

By the time you are symptomatic the cascade has started into matter. By the time your system has become a diagnosis your energy has become a new pattern of habitual behaviour.

So why  intuition? Because by teaching you about these ways of knowing, and educating you in the language of your body (on all levels) you are empowered to make informed choices! It is your interpretation of the field you live within, between a place of deep inner knowing and the external world.

Your connection to greater wisdom. There is a constant exchange and our energy systems are vital for providing support for this to be an empowered experience.

A significant point to why you would want to discover your dormant senses is that those who have learn’t to be solid in their body and core are in a state of joy! Regardless of the emotional weather, Joy is our underlining state.

We go into how to be a co creator with all the information in a grounded way to be able to move fluidly from your centre. You will discover in the Academy of Creative Evolution (ACE) site more about the types of intuition, how they come in, how to start to decode and understand your key ways of picking up information.

Go through practices and discover what and how you are picking up and may have no idea about any of it. We touch on what prevents connections to deeper aspects of self and therefore inhibits greater wisdom.

Uncover your blindsides to live your life with all your senses!!

Each month we have 3 sessions/classes, one theory and two practical for experiencing the information directly, with guidance/mentoring.

All recordings are housed on the site for your easy access and review.  Our Private FB Group is a great place for general discussion and prompts between classes. 

Contemplation on the information is to build your wisdom and the practices build your spiritual muscles.

The Evolver mentor group has been very successful in opening participants up to their physical body, the energy bodies and how these interact and support each other for optimal life experiences of health and overall wellness. The bringing of the physical and soul aspects together for a fully human embodiment of Self.

Everything begins to gain strength and resilience, life is more fulfilled, energy becomes vital as you experience the state of Joy.

To move across the threshold, into this awesome community follow the link below to catch the live virtual sessions coming up soon. Not only that, but you will have access to many past sessions to view and practice at your leisure. 

An extra incentive this month is we are trialing a new phone app that we are using to track our energy over the month. This is optional, we take an image before our session practices and after to see how your subtle energy is impacted from your work here. We have the special privilege of trialling this cutting edge wellness technology, due to my being a co founder and co creator of it.



First Wednesday of the month you will receive the recorded teaching to listen and contemplate.
Followed on the second Wednesday with a live video call at 7PM for discussions, and practice.
The 3rd Wednesday is at 930am AWST for those in a different time zone. 

$44 USD or $60 AUD a month

All Modules will be available in the membership site if you miss a call, and for review.

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